200 sqyds 3 bedroom duplex house with pool by Houzone.com
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3 bedroom duplex house with pool

Luxurious Living in a Compact Space: Unveiling Our 3-Bedroom Duplex House with Pool Design on a 200 Sq. Yards Plot.

Welcome to HouZone.com, where dreams of opulent living meet the challenge of space constraints. In a recent collaboration, our team embarked on a journey to design a bespoke 3-bedroom duplex house with pool on a modest 200 sq. yards plot, blending luxury with functionality.

Client’s Vision: A Jewel in Limited Space – 3-bedroom duplex house with pool

Our client approached us with a unique set of requirements: a desire for a small yet luxurious abode with a swimming pool and expansive open areas. The catch? Easy maintenance and adherence to Vastu principles. The client’s wish list included a car park, a servant’s room, a flexible study doubling as a bedroom, and an emphasis on spacious outdoor living.

The Challenge: Thinking Beyond Square Footage

Undeterred by the size constraints, our team of architectural house designers eagerly embraced the challenge. The result? A contemporary and minimalist design that maximizes every inch of the 3-bedroom duplex house with pool on 200 sq. yards plot.

Design Highlights: Space-Savvy Luxury

Ground Floor:

  • Car park and swimming pool strategically placed for convenience and aesthetics.
  • Central entrance from the north for a grand welcome.
  • Open-plan kitchen and dining with generous windows offering garden views.
  • Study room doubling as a bedroom and a dedicated space for the maid.

First Floor:

  • Two bedrooms with attached toilets and dressing areas for privacy and comfort.
  • Spacious deck overlooking the pool, creating a perfect outdoor oasis.
  • Additional room for entertainment or a home theater, adding a touch of indulgence.

Vastu-Compliant Bliss: Harmonizing Home and Happiness

The entire design meticulously follows Vastu principles, ensuring not just a dwelling but a harmonious and prosperous living environment for the family.

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