Construction Drawings

Structural, Electrical & plumbing

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to start the construction of your Dream House. offers Building Construction drawings and Designs to all our clients who wish to proceed to their dream house’s construction stage.

The 2nd Step of the House Design Process, after you have finalized your House Floor Plans & Elevations.



You can order Building Construction drawings and  Design Services after you have finalized your house floor plans and other details with us.

Construction Design Services include:

  •  Detailed drawings for the proper construction of your dream house. Construction Drawings provide you with detailed information such as dimensions, levels, window & door openings and sizes, sections and heights of the building, etc.
  • Structural Design such as Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs in R.C.C. and steel reinforcements for concrete, etc. to start the
    construction of your dream house.
  • Electrical Design such as locations of switchboards, fans, lights, power sockets, wiring loops, wiring information and other details to
    easily plan & complete the Electrical works in your dream house.
  • Plumbing Designs such as piping layout for the water system and sewerage system, location of E.W.C., Wash Basins, Geysers, Floor Drains, Kitchen Sinks, etc. With Plumbing designs, you can easily plan and complete the Plumbing works in your dream house.
  • Cost Estimation & Bill of Quantities help plan your budget and material quantities for each work item during the construction. This service is beneficial for planning and avoiding wastage and saving big money. The estimate is also useful in taking quotes from contractors.
But In case you need all the services at once, you may visit our full-service Online Custom Floor Plans, House Plans and Home Designs 

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