4 bedroom duplex 48 x 65
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4-Bedroom Duplex on a 48′ x 65′ Plot

4-Bedroom Duplex on a 48′ x 65′ Plot

Embark on the journey of luxury living with our meticulously crafted 4-bedroom duplex, 4-Bedroom Duplex on a 48′ x 65′ Plot. Our client envisioned a residence that seamlessly blends opulence, functionality, and adherence to Vastu principles on their North-facing plot measuring 48′-0″ x 65′-0″.

Envisioned and brought to life by the skilled architectural and construction professionals at HouZone.com, this stunning residence caters to the client’s specific desires, plot dimensions, and budget constraints.

The Design

The ground floor boasts a strategic layout featuring a generously-sized family cum dining area seamlessly connected to an open kitchen and breakfast area. A large formal drawing room and a dedicated office space, convertible into an optional 5th bedroom, enhance the living experience. Sliding glass doors offer flexibility, connecting or separating the study room and family space from the formal drawing room.

Ensuring ample parking, two car parks, and a designated space for a maid’s room (servant’s quarter) are thoughtfully incorporated on the exterior. Setbacks on three sides provide optimal ventilation to all rooms, with a strategically positioned open-to-sky duct facilitating easy plumbing access for the ground floor toilet.

Ascend the central staircase to the first floor, where three bedrooms await, each equipped with a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom. The central area is ingeniously designed as a home theater for delightful family entertainment. The northeast section of the first floor unveils a semi-covered balcony/terrace, perfect for outdoor evening tea and snacks.

HouZone.com’s design strikes a harmonious balance between practicality, minimalism, and contemporary aesthetics while remaining Vastu compliant. The structure ensures ease and cost-effectiveness in construction, aligning the upper floor spaces seamlessly with the grid of the ground floor.

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