Parama Vastu Compass


Parama Vastu Compass

Our best Vastu Compass ever!

The Vastu Compass Yantra (Device) will guide you in identifying whether your house is as per Vastu and make appropriate corrections. It emanates powerful vibrations to fill your home with positive energy while correcting Vastu errors (doshas)¹. The Vastu Compass Yantra, Tantra and Mantra will bring peace, harmony and prosperity into your life. Our most powerful Vastu Compass with supercharged natural crystal.

Features of Parama Vastu Compass Yantra

  • Rotatable Vedic disc with 39 Spatial Symbols for the most comprehensive Vastu Shastra analysis.
  • Easily identify room and space locations in relationship with the cardinal directions as per Vastu Shastra principles.
  • Identify areas for Health, Wealth and Prosperity as per Vastu Shastra principles.
  • Improve your Wealth, Wisdom, Relationships and Mental peace.
  • Powered by Supercharged* natural Amethyst Crystal to energize your home with positive vibrations.
  • Customize² the Vastu Compass with your choice of birthstone.
  • Corrects Vastu Errors (doshas)¹
  • Golden ring with Gayathri Mantra engraved in English and Hindi.
  • A powerful combination of Trio – Yantra (Vastu Compass) + Tantra (Supercharged Natural Crystal) + Mantra (Gayathri Mantra)
  • Largest size with 150mm diameter.
  • Sensitive magnetic golden compass for an accurate reading.
  • Rotatable Bezel with 360 degree marking and orienting arrows for easy alignment
  • Powerful symbology base embossed with Brahma (Universe) and Vastu Mandala.
  • Access to free online consultation³ and Vastu Matrix°.
  • Uniquely made just for you.

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¹ The Vastu Compass astrally projects the correct spaces and rooms as per Vastu once it is appropriately aligned, activated and positioned within the home. Its power to correct Vastu errors depends on how much the existing house already follows the Vastu Shastra principles. To know more about aligning and activating your Vastu Compass, click on the “How to use” link.
² Customize the Vastu Compass by changing the supercharged Amethyst crystal with a choice of your very own birthstone or crystal that you prefer—limited by a maximum diameter of 5mm.
³ Online Consultation includes personalized replies to emails.
° Vastu Matrix – Vastu Matrix is an online assessment tool to identify to what extent your house follows Vastu Shastra’s principles. Using the Vastu Compass device and inputting your answers, the Vastu Matrix allocates points to give you a comprehensive picture of how much your house follows Vastu Shastra principles and supports you in your life.

Additional Information

  • Vedic Disc – The Vedic disc is an essential component of the Vastu Compass. Consider it similar to your brain. The Vedic disc contains ancient Vedic Knowledge to guide you in identifying spaces and rooms as per Vastu Shastra principles. The rotatable disc comes with 16+23 = 39 easy-to-understand symbols representing rooms and spaces. When properly aligned with the magnetic compass, it provides the exact location of areas and rooms as per Vastu. It comes inscribed with Vastu directions such as Agneya, Nyruthi, Vayuvya and Eesanya.
  • Natural Crystal – A powerful natural crystal powers the Vastu Compass. It removes negative energy and creates positive vibrations to activate your Chakras and fill you with life’s energy. The Amethyst crystal, a natural semi-precious crystal, is the heart of the Vastu Compass. Amethyst is known to provide calmness, peace and healing. 
  • The golden ring comes inscribed with the oldest and the most potent Vedic mantra. The Gayatri Mantra brings happiness and prosperity and helps in manifesting your goals.
  • Magnetic Compass – The liquid-filled magnetic golden compass is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and aligns with magnetic North. (should not be near any magnetic influence). The rotatable Bezel has 360 degree marking and orienting arrows with cardinal directions, making it easy to align with the North direction. 
  • Base with Vastu Mandala – Handy base with intricately carved design. The central portion of the design represents Brahma (the universe and the creator God) at its core and Muladhara (the root chakra symbol) encompassing it, providing a powerful symbology. The square represents Vastu Mandala, with the circle encompassing our universe. Gears outside the circle represent the 4th dimension of time and provide energy and movement for all of life. In the center of this beautiful & meaningful base sits a powerful natural crystal.