3 Bedroom House with 2 Rental Portions of a 240 Square Yards Plot
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How to Design a 3 Bedroom House with 2 Rental Portions of a 240 Square Yards Plot?

A client approached HouZone.com with a vision: to craft a home on a 240 square yard plot that included a personal living space with three bedrooms on the ground floor and two separate two-bedroom rental units on the first floor. They emphasized the importance of an airy atmosphere, efficient space utilization, and the potential for future expansion upwards. Moreover, adherence to Vastu principles for all sections of the home was a must.

3 Bedroom House with 2 Rental Portions of a 240 Square Yards Plot

The design team at HouZone.com, comprising seasoned architectural and construction experts, meticulously developed a draft that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The ground floor boasted three well-appointed bedrooms and a covered area for parking. The master bedroom was strategically placed in the southwest corner to comply with Vastu, while the kitchen found its place in the southeast. The northwest-facing entrance took advantage of the plot’s roadside position.

In alignment with Vastu, the design included three bathrooms along the southern edge of the home, facilitating straightforward plumbing installations. A Puja room was thoughtfully located in the east. Privacy and seamless access to the rental units were ensured through a staircase positioned in the southwest, allowing for direct entry from the main gate.

The first floor was ingeniously divided into two distinct two-bedroom units, each designed with a keen eye on ergonomics, optimal space distribution, and proper ventilation, all the while observing Vastu principles.

Upon reviewing the initial draft, the client requested a minor tweak, which the HouZone.com team promptly addressed at no additional cost. Satisfied with the revised design, the client moved forward with finalizing the plans, endorsing HouZone.com’s commitment to delivering customized, Vastu-compliant, and construction-ready designs. This project stands as a testament to HouZone.com’s ability to transform visions into realities, emphasizing their international expertise and client-centric approach.

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