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The Vastu Compass

The Vastu Compass is a one of its kind, powerful handheld device for homes and offices that guides you towards success and prosperity. Its design follows the ancient Indian Vedic knowledge of Vastu Shastra and Chakra Healing.


The Vastu Compass is a mighty Yantra or Device that will guide you in making the right choices to bring positive energy to your home. In addition, it helps in correcting Vastu errors (doshas), making your house as per Vastu.


The Vastu Compass comes embossed with the oldest and the most powerful mantra from Vedas. The Gayathri Mantra brings Success and Happiness to your life.


The highest vibration Crystal powers the Vastu Compass. Amethyst is a stone of the six (third eye) and seventh chakras, and helps tap into your intuition, removes negative energy and supercharges your life for health and peace.